Thursday, April 06, 2006

Gooden better get a grip (on the soap)

From New York comes a sad, sad story. The New York wait, that isn't sad. That shit's hilarious!

The devastation takes shape of former Cy Young winner and New York Metropolitan, Doc Gooden. The former pitching standout has run into harm's way again and was sentenced to a year in prison after violating his probation by talking shit to Larry Brown. Again, that's not the case. Gooden took some drugs, likely up his nose, and admitted that he had a problem with cocaine.

Really, this is a tragic tale. Gooden was a helluva pitcher who ran with the wrong crowd. Instead of sniffing, ugh, the sweet smell of a woman, he was sniffing powder.

We don't know if Gooden is buddy-buddy with Tennessee basketball coach Bruce Pearl, but perhaps they know some of the same people -- like the kind of people who do business out of back alleys.

The Big Picture is behind you, Doc. Let's just cross our fingers that there's no one named Butch behind you in the shower.

In other news: Suns forward Amare Stoudemire will miss the rest of the season after his second knee surgery and will change his name to Grant Hill.

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twins15 said...

Gooden had a problem with cocaine? Who knew?!?