Tuesday, April 18, 2006

We're scratching our heads too, Brett

Brett Favre is the last person you want to be behind in the grocery store checkout line. Having him mull over the decision of paper or plastic may take Favre the better part of an hour.

So when contemplating retirement, Favre is, well, taking the better part of a year. The fifteen-year pro is having an internal struggle as to whether or not he should return to the Green Bay Packers next season for one last go around. The three-time MVP led the Packers to a 4-12 record last season and his poor decision-making skills were apparent in his league-leading 29 interceptions.

The Packers’ organization, seemingly in no hurry to get an answer from Mr. Indecision, has pushed back the due date for Brett Favre's $3 million roster bonus - originally scheduled last month - to July 27, giving the three-time MVP more time to make a decision on retirement. As if Favre needs more time to decide — he’s already had about four months. Perhaps he’s weighing some pros and cons.

  • Pro: We may be better than 4-12
  • Con: We may be worse than 4-12
  • Pro: I could break records
  • Con: Though it may be the interception record
  • Con: I may get hurt
  • Pro: They may give me Vicodin for the pain.

(Eeesh…that last one was in bad taste).

Obviously Packers’ faithful want Favre back. The eight-time Pro Bowler leads the Packers in pretty much every passing category — including interceptions.

Which brings up an interesting point. While deciding if he wants the Extra Crispy or Original Recipe at KFC, Favre may be wondering if he’s prepared to break George Blanda’s all-time INT record of 277. At 255 career INTs, Favre, at his recent pace, is only a season away from becoming the interception king.

Perhaps while lying in bed at night, pondering which color bathrobe he will wear in the morning, Mr. Indecision is debating whether or not he wants to break that infamous record.

One school of thought may suggest that Favre doesn’t want to have his name in the record books next to the ugly letters I-N-T. But others may say that Mr. Indecision wants to break any record, and will play another season and look for the opposing cornerback opposed to his own receiver. (Ok, Favre has too much integrity to purposely throw an interception, though a certain six-interception game in the 2001 playoffs against the St. Louis Rams may lead people to believe otherwise).

Aside from a potential record-breaking year, Mr. Indecision may have reservations about coming back with a new coach in Green Bay. After firing Mike Sherman, Favre was upset because he respected and enjoyed playing for Sherman. Then the front office made an Isiah Thomas-esque move and hired Mike McCarthy, who served last year as the San Francisco 49ers’ offensive coordinator. McCarthy had Keith Gilbertson-like numbers in San Francisco, helping the Niners go 4-12 and leading the offense to six performances under 10 points. Though McCarthy worked with Favre as the Green Bay quarterbacks’ coach in 1999, those close to Favre have hinted that he was not enthralled with the McCarthy hire.

As for the Packers’ marketing department, this must be a nightmare. We can just imagine the PR folks trying to put together an ad campaign that goes something like, “We sucked last year, our running back is hurt, our quarterback situation is undecided…but hey, we have the best fucking bratwurst in town!”

But none of this really matters. C’mon, we’re talking about Brett Favre and making a decision. The two are like oil and water. Whatever Favre decides, we’re behind him all the way. But with the season starting in less than a year, Favre may want to start to think about thinking about making up his mind.

This column was published in the University of Washington's The Daily.

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Anonymous said...

you are a jerk who doesn't know anything about Favre. He just led the Packer's into a great season.