Saturday, April 29, 2006

Brodrick Bunkley has a cool name

-So no WR for the receiver-less Eagles. But the fans at Radio City Music Hall seemed joyous and Philly fans are rarely joyous.

-Three defensive players from FSU in the top-14. Yeah, Bobby Bowden pumps them out.

-We haven't heard nearly enough of Mel Kiper. Who's with us?

-If we see that Heineken Light commerical again, we're gonna throw one of our obnoxious female roommates out the fucking window. Eh, maybe both of them.

-And St. Louis goes with Tye Hill, cornerback, Clemson. We thought that was going to be Chad Greenway, linebacker, Iowa.

-Miami is on the clock...Ricky Williams will not be the pick. Williams is probably high right now.


insomniac said...

word on the street is that the eagles will get javon walker

insomniac said...

ok...the street don't know jack....walker to the broncos.