Thursday, April 27, 2006

Don't sell out (but do join OPR)

We took a lot of guff (guff?) the past few weeks, saying that we've corporatized this site and sold out to the riches that ad dollars can bring. Why have we "sold out?" Because we've been talking up Online Poker Rakeback even more than that chick that you can't stop eyeball fucking.

Well, every man has his price. And ours is $50 per referral. See, every time you go to OPR and sign up using our referral code, "The Big Picture," we get a small sum of money that we will pump back into the site so we can make it bigger, better and sexier. For instance, we've heard that you can play some fun games with Photoshop -- like using those speech/thought balloons -- but we wouldn't know firsthand.

Signing up at OPR is a win-win situation for everyone. (Please be sure to use the referral code: "The Big Picture" when you sign up). To read how OPR works, check out our previous posts on the subject, here and here.

We don't like to think that we sold out. This guy sold out. Not us. We'll still post a good sports story everyday (if not a few) and try to incorporate as many dick, drug and rapist jokes as we can possibly muster. If you think we're a bunch of sell outs, well, so be it. Please just tell us so we know whose girlfriends to fingerblast.

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