Saturday, April 29, 2006

No. 16: Cheech Marin

-Actually Miami goes with Jason Allen, cornerback, Tennessee. But we think Allen should carry on the legacy of Ricky Williams and sell dime bags to the Dolphins' front office. On second thought, bricks of coke would be cooler.

-Some guys who may be slipping:
  • Winston Justice, USC
  • Antonio Cromartie, FSU
  • Chad Jackson, Florida
  • Aaron Rodgers, Cal
  • DeAngelo Williams, Memphis
  • Aaron Rodgers, Cal
Minnesota is on the clock...if they draft a dildo, we'll be very pleased. Or maybe they'll just miss the pick.

Jets' fans update: 11:45 PST and we'll assume they're still pissed. At what? Doesn't matter.

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