Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Florida sure reminds us of '03 Syracuse

Ok, we may be making a bit of a reach here, but that's what we're all about.

Something about this Florida team seems a bit familiar. Call if déjà vu if you like...we just think we've heard it somewhere before.

When Syracuse won the National Championship in 2003, they were a #3 seed, beat a #2 in the finals (Kansas) and had a star emerge (Carmelo).

Taking this Gators squad, they too were a three seed, beat second-seed UCLA in the finals and saw the emergence of a star (Jim Jones).

We know that aside from a few similarities, there isn't all that much in common between the '06 Gators and the '03 (enter your favorite racist Native American term here), but still, something about this Florida team just screams Syracuse.

In other news: The Padres and Giants were postponed Tuesday after it was raining syringes at Petco Park.

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