Wednesday, April 05, 2006

To read today

What to read while fielding syringes in left field...

Deadspin - Head honcho Will Leitch is an esteemed author. Ok, maybe not esteemed, but hey, he's published.

The Sports Pulse - Our homie Benny is a Florida alum. (We don't think he'll be joining the team at Disney World though.

Mr. Irrelevant - Mr. Irrelevant discovers that people drink beer at baseball games. Strange.

The Hater Nation - We thought this was a pretty nice list.

YAYsports! - If you guys haven't read YAYsports! yet, you're missing out. We especially like the NCAA section, where the main writer apparently has some tar on his heel.

The Sports Page - If only we had his banner. Damn his art looks good.

Insomniac's Lounge - We feel for Insomniac. He's a UCLA guy and he may have played better against the Gators than the actual team did.

The Mighty MJD - He's got a bone to pick with the UC, err..., cheerleaders in general.

Sports Blah - These guys are all about the MLS opening day. We don't know why either.


Jamie Mottram said...

I don't know what things are like at Safeco (I assume that's the nearest park near you), but Camden on Opening Day was the drunkest stadium I've ever been in. That's all I was sayin.

Zach Landres-Schnur said...

ya, my bad on that Irrelevant. i wrote it up pretty quick and probalby should have switched up my wording not to make it sound so blatently obvious...really i just liked your post on it and was trying to get it a little pub.

Benny said...

If I went to Disney with the Florida team, I'd just hang out with Joakim so I wouldn't have to wait in line for Space Moutain or Thunder Mountain.