Saturday, April 29, 2006

Another trade!

-Baltimore and Clevaland swap picks and spit and the Ravens come up to No. 12 and snag Haloti Ngata from Oregon.

-As UW fans, we're conditioned to hate Oregon. And we do. But best of luck to Ngata. We think he'll be good in Baltimore.

-Ngata is getting emotional with a friend. Male emotion is all right by us.

-We'll take this time to remind you that Ray Lewis killed somebody...with Ngata opening up holes on the O-line, Lewis may be metaphorically killing QBs next season.

-Our drinking game is slowing down...take this time to drown your drink, fill back up, say "Yahtzee" and, if you're like us and on the West Coast, remind yourself that it's only 11!

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