Friday, April 07, 2006

So that (almost) happened…but probably never will

Your record’s safe, Joey D.

After an 0-4 performance in yesterday’s 4-2 loss to the St. Louis Cardinals, Jimmy Rollins’ bid at DiMaggio’s 56-game hit streak came to a pretty dull ending.

In the back story, the Phillies (still not sure why you’d name a team after the people from that town. In essence that’s suggesting that the common Philly fan could have a 38-game hit streak and be a fucking G like our boy Jimmy) pretty much got reamed by Albert Pujols (.788 average, 23 home runs, 2358792 RBIs) in a three-game set.

But this 38-game hit streak got us to thinking about records, Rollins and Alameda, Calif. — Rollins' hometown.

Any Philly (people from the city, female horses — it’s all relative) will say Rollins’ streak is pretty impressive. We absolutely agree. The dude got a hit in every game for over a month. We have a hard time making it to work every day each week, no less every day of each month.

(Coincidental aside: we’re at work while writing this post, showing:
1. Our dedication to this small, humble site and
2. That we don’t really do much actual work while at the office).

Still, Rollins was three weeks worth of base-knocks away from breaking Joe’s mark. That’s like an entire moon cycle (so we like astronomy) or a first-round series in the NBA.

There’s really no logical reason to think this streak will ever be broken. But starting the other day was the Barry Bonds walk streak — now at two games. If he walks in every game for the next nine weeks it’ll be, ugh, sorta pointless.

A closing thought: Rollins' streak gives the lovely town of Alameda (Ok, we don't know if Alameda is actually its own town — we think it’s technically part of Oakland which is awesome, but is also an island which we aren’t so OK with) a great name…for no particular reason (except that he’s from there and probably had play dates with Dontrelle Willis. We like to think it would’ve been cute if they played on the same Little League team, but we’d rather believe they were LEGOs addicts.)

Editor's note: We did some research (in the form of a Google search) and discovered that Alameda does, in fact, have its own government. Good for them.

-Adam Landres-Schnur

Adam Landres-Schnur is the editor of the University of Washington's The Daily. Despite being an editor and having a B.A. in Journalism, he still uses run-on sentences. We do not commend him for this.

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