Saturday, April 29, 2006

Shave my Bush

-Saints piss off the state of New York by taking Reggie. Good for the Saints. Watch out for these guys next year...ok, in two years.

-We've got some drinking to do folks. A Gale Sayers comparison and mention of Hurricane Katrina relief efforts results in two drinks. Bottoms ups.

-Vince Young is wearing a light gray suit with pinstripes. Snazzy Vince.

-We've seen our first M:I:III update and got us thinking: Texans' Mission Impossible: keep your fanbase.

-The Titans go with Vince Young who is the first guy to look genuinely happy.

-The Jets are on the clock and if it's not Leinart, the Jets' fans may tear down Radio City Music Hall. D'Brick may be the better choice here though.

New York Jets' fans update: 9:37 and they're still pissed.

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