Saturday, April 29, 2006

Brady Quinn's sister will fuck Brett Favre

-The Pack go with the "safest pick," A.J. Hawk. We here at The Big Picture are 49ers' fans and we're excited to see Hawk go because we want the Niners to pick Vernon Davis.

-As you all remember, A.J. dates Brady Quinn's sister. She fucked that dude, so perhaps Favre is next. Eh, more like Aaron Rodgers.

-Another Coors Light commercial. If you're drinking Coors, dump that shit out, fill up a new drink with some non-pussy beer, and drown that new beverage.

-San Francisco is on the clock...if it's not Davis, we're gonna throw the computer out the window.


twins15 said...

Actually, it was Brady Quinn's sister that was dating (and is not engaged) to AJ Hawk.

Tricia said...

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