Sunday, April 09, 2006

ESPN Sports Nation is cool

ESPN put out this really thought-provoking poll, so we thought we'd share it with you. The first two answers are ESPN's choices, the others, well, aren't).


Since we couldn't figure out how to actually make this a poll, leave us your answers in the comments section.

What do you think Brett Favre should do?
  • Return to Packers
  • Retire from NFL
  • Make a decision, you indecisive fuck
  • Join a cult with Joakim Noah
  • Grow a '70s porn stache
  • Make a movie titled, "Aaron Rodgers and Me"
  • Play six games, be ineffective, get benched
  • Become the new Stanford Tree
  • Join the Fudge Packers
  • Stop circle jerking with Roger Clemens
In other news: Wisconsin beat Boston College 2-1 to win the Frozen Four after a cross-check removed Boston College center, Craig Smith, from the game.


SystemsDude said...

I'll take what's behind door number #3, Monty.


I have been a fan a Farve's for years, but this guy is officially jerking everybody around here. If this were a poker tournament, somebody would be screaming "Clock!" by now.

Dinur said...

it's a tie 3 and 10. Perhaps if Favre stopped listening to Clemens, he could make a decision instead of drawing it out.

Anonymous said...

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Erik Mann said...

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