Monday, April 03, 2006

...And then there were two

Photo courtesy of The Sports Pulse

So after one of the wildest months we have ever seen, it comes down to some little bears and swamp things. Seeing a No. 2 seed take on a No. 3 is certainly no shock in terms of the seeding, but still, who the hell saw these two teams playing for the National Title? Well soothsayers, not us. Both the Pac-10 and SEC were pretty lousy this year, so somehow UCLA and Florida doesn't seem so representative of the college basketball year as a whole. But fuck it, That's what we got tonight, and you better believe we'll be watching.

#2 UCLA vs #3 Florida:

The court in Indianapolis will feature some very unsightly tall people. Joakim Noah, Lorenzo Mata, Ryan Hollins...the list goes on...are just not attractive people. It's a good thing they're good basketball players on great teams because, otherwise, they probably wouldn't know what a woman looks like.

As for the game, UCLA's defense has been remarkable, while Florida really hasn't been in a dogfight yet. Both teams are playing the best ball they've played all season and will need to keep it up tonight in order to win this one.

We just have a feeling, with all that tradition, that UCLA will win this game. It won't be pretty, likely low scoring, but a clutch shot from either Farmar or Afflalo will ice it late.

The Big Picture pick: UCLA (which lost to UW twice! Take that, National Champs).

This post was brought to you by the gap between Joakim Noah's front teeth.


Benny said...

It's going to be an dogfight tonight. All the talk of UCLA's defense has people forgetting that UF's defense is just as good.

I'm hoping to see a UF win tonight, but I wouldn't be surprised with UCLA winning.

Too bad UW couldn't play UF so we could have had a friendly wager.

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