Wednesday, April 26, 2006

To read today

What to read while you slowly learn what icing is...

YAY Sports! NCAA - It's time for another rousing rendition of The Whiskers. Giddyup. (Giddyup? What the fuck?).

The Sports Pulse - Biggest NFL Draft busts? Young Alex Smith will be joining the list in no time.

Insomniac's Lounge - Get a glimpse of this chick! Whoa!

The Hater Nation - The Clippers -- yeah, the Clippers -- are winning. What's that mean for everybody's favorite columnist, Steve Bisheff?

Mr. Irrelevant - They were able to talk with Reggie Bush on Sports Bloggers Live and the Heisman winner wants to buy his parents a house. You know.

The Mighty MJD - Just because the whole Michael Vick herpes case is over doesn't mean that "Ron Mexico" will die with sports bloggers. Not a fuckin' chance.

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