Saturday, April 29, 2006

And we have a trade...

-Broncos trade up to No.11 and snag Jay Cutler, QB, team that lost to Middle Tennessee State. Cutler lucks out, getting to go to a good team in a fan-friendly environent.

-We think Cutler will be sorta like a Tim Couch, Ryan Leaf, etc. The guy never won at Vandy, so we don't think he'll win in the pros either. Just sayin'.

-As the NFL Draft drinking game suggest, Cutler went to Vandy, so he's smart. Take one drink.

-Details of the trade to come later, but we think Mike Shanahan owes a mediocre handjob to someone in the Rams' organization.

-Ron Jaworski is making us sick to our stomachs. So is drinking before 11 a.m.

-Cleveland is on the clock...

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