Saturday, April 29, 2006

Just when we're slowing down...U-turn

Some of the excitement has died down, but we're still going strong...

-The Raiders don't fill their QB need and go with Michael Huff, defensive back, Texas. Charles Woodson anyone?

-No trades yet. Denver coming up to No. 8 to snag Matthew Leinart? Hmm...

-As our drinking pals just noted, Tom Jackson has a very large forehead.

-Kiper just mentioned two-gapper. Take 2 drinks and go plug your woman's two-gap.

-Again, Stubley McStublerson (that's Leinart -- you know, he has stubble) looks nervous. Perhaps he's regretting raw-dogging it last night with that street girl.

-Donte Whitner goes to Buffalo. Ugh, why?

-Detroit is on the clock...Santanio Holmes/Sinorice Moss/Chad Jackson, welcome to the Motor City.

1 comment:

Gary Fox said...

I am definately entertained by your blog. These NFL teams are really dumb. Especially the texans, raiders, and titans. You should check out my post about USC's house of falling cards on dawgman.