Wednesday, April 19, 2006

To read today

What to read while you brainstorm objects to throw at Barry Bonds...

YAY! Sports - If Josh McRoberts with Cheese turns pro, Duke may, gasp, head to the NIT!

The Hater Nation - Must-see TV comes in the form of Chargers' cheerleading tryouts. Never put it past NFL Adam and the gang to keep you up to date on the Southern California "sports" scene.

Mr. Irrelevant - Never too early for an NBA Mock Draft. And the steal of the draft? Brandon Roy.

The Sports Pulse - Think you're weird? Well, just read about these players' superstitions and you'll feel normal again.

Insomniac's Lounge - Would the Texans really pass up Reggie Bush? Nah, probably not.
Complete Sports - Who's your MVP? These guys go with LeBron. Sounds good to us.

The Mighty MJD - Adam Morrison is going pro...but the red flag? No it's not the 'stache, but rather the tears.

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