Thursday, March 30, 2006

A word from our sponsors

Yeah! We got sponsors. Well, sort of. (It's not exactly plural. Just one sponsor...but more to come). Our good friends at Online Poker Rakeback are gonna help us out and we're gonna return the favor. (No, not with a reach-around you sick fucks).

Here's the deal, folks. You go to Online Poker Rakeback, sign up for an account, gamble away your life savings, and yours truly gets some cash to start the life savings account. Really, your money will become our money. Fun, huh?

IMPORTANT: May sure you use the referral code: "The Big Picture." That's how OPR knows it's us and how we can get some money. So make sure to use "The Big Picture" as your referral code. (If you forget, just check OPR's banner in the sidebar of our site, below the "Archives" section.)

All OPR does is basically give you free money. Say you created a poker account directly at a poker room (like Full Tilt, Party Poker, etc.), you would get back $0 in rakeback. If you create an account using Online Poker Rakeback, you will get 27%rakeback. Meaning, if you paid $1000 in rake, you'd get $270 back. See, free money!

So got to Online Poker Rakeback, create an account there and then start playing poker. You could be the next Greg Raymer. But don't buy those silly glasses.


insomniac said...

Need sponsorship now that Adam is on the payroll, do ya? Good luck. Nothing can pay less than google ads, that's for sure.

Benny said...

Zach, do you have some money I can borrow? I've been working on my online poker face. Did you see it? I just did it. I'll do it again. It's a winner huh?

JMC said...

You fucking sell out!!! I always knew this would happen, I knew someday the fame would go to your head and you'd do something like this!

Anonymous said...

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