Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The tourney's five most recognizable coaches

We're down to just 16 teams, but five coaches stand out for other reasons. Certain coaches, no matter what uniform their players are wearing, are recognizable based on their distinct appearances. Whether it's their facial expressions, type of suit or overall demeanor, some guys just stand out.

Unlike the list of coaches with the most distinct appearance we ran last year, this list won't have legendary names. But this group is certainly distinguishable.

As with any list, your disagreements, omissions and hate speech are welcomed in the comments.

The top five most recognizable coaching appearances from the 2009 NCAA Tournament:

5. Jim Boeheim, Syracuse:

Syracuse's head honcho has the "I can't believe that just happened!" look permanently etched on his face. Whether it's a bad call, his player making a mistake or the opponent hitting a game-winner, Boeheim's look is pretty much always the same. That facial expression may or may not change when his team wins.

4. Bruce Pearl, Tennessee:

The orange suit stands out, sure, but that's a rarity. What's notable about Pearl is that he's a profuse sweater. In a close game? He'll soak through his suit. Visual proof that he's working hard from the sidelines can't upset Vols fans.

3. Jay Wright, Villanova:

A multiple winner of GQ's Fashionable Four for the best-dressed college basketball coach, Wright stands out with his double-breasted, pinstriped and three-piece suits. Hey, gotta look the part.

2. John Beilein, Michigan:

Who needs a jacket? Beilein is good for the dress shirt, tie and khakis. The signature rolled up sleeves just play into his blue-collar style of basketball. Nothing fancy, just get the job done.

1. Tim Floyd, USC:

Floyd took notes from the John Chaney School of Coaching with the loosened tie, messy hair and overall disheveled appearance. He looks like he just finished a long day of work and needs to settle down with the History Channel and some Beam. Coaching basketball is hard work, dammit.


Kevin said...

Your forgetting about my boy Matt Painter. . .

GMoney said...

Speaking of Jim Beam, Larry Eustachy is quite recognizable.

Mr. Ace said...

Calhoun always looks like a prick, what about him.

Anonymous said...

Anthony Grant went the entire UCLA game without changing the look on his face. If you watch him, you wouldn't know whether VCU was hitting a game-winning jumper of if he was told his wife was pregnant. Absolutely stone face!

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