Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jimmy Rollins and girlfriend to appear in Playboy

Don't let that headline fool you. Jimmy Rollins isn't taking his clothes off, nor, unfortunately, is his hot girlfriend, Johari Smith.

But the two will be in an upcoming issue in a non-sexy, non-naked, non-cool kind of way.
Jimmy Rollins is one of the most dapper Phillies, and he and girlfriend Johari Smith will appear in a Playboy fashion feature, most likely in the June issue and on video on Playboy's Web site.

The couple modeled sportswear, swimwear, and resort wear for photog Nicola Majocchi at Miami's Glasshaus Studios on Feb. 13.
Playboy, while it does give us beer and hooker money each month, is not the coolest thing in the world like you thought it was when you were 12. It is a real magazine, with real articles, real features and real editorial decisions.

Yeah. It's like being told Santa doesn't exist.

[Philly.com via Ben Maller]


GMoney said...

I only read it for the articles.

JMC said...

playboy put a bunch of back issues up on the web that you can look at for free. Pretty sweet.

The Big Picture said...

details jamie.

Anonymous said...

Santa isn't REAL?????