Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Stanford women get hosed

We don't follow women's hoops much aside from scouting potential poon and waiting for UConn's Geno Auriemma and Tennessee's Pat Summitt to either get in a fight or hook up.

But noticed when the bracket for the Women's Dance came out that Stanford, which is ranked No. 2 and won the Pac-10 regular-season and tournament, didn't get a No. 1 seed. We sorta figured -- again, we've put about six seconds of thought into this -- that the Cardinal would have been on the one line. Here's the full bracket for all of your betting needs.

Stanford does have a nice draw, though, opening in San Diego and then playing in the Berkeley regional. (Hey, we're 10 minutes from there! Maybe we can go break some laws with the Tree!) So Stanford can get to the Final Four without leaving the state.

Still, hosed.

Elsewhere in Title IX, that's Candace Parker who plays in the WNBA. She's in the news because she's pretty hot and is pregnant with a 7-foot-2 child. And in the ESPN Magazine article there's this lede graf:
Candace Parker is beautiful. Breathtaking, really, with flawless skin, endless legs and a C cup she is proud of but never flaunts. She is also the best at what she does, a record-setter, a rule-breaker, a redefiner. She is a woman who plays like a man, one of the boys, if the boys had C cups and flawless skin.
Strong reporting. Coulda sworn they were large Bs.


GMoney said...

If she is so beautiful then why did she let a mutant like Sheldon Williams knock her up???

Bazooka Jones said...

My thoughts exactly, GMoney.