Thursday, March 19, 2009

Let's dance

One of the best things about our old job -- where we worked horribly shitty hours on nights and weekends -- was that days like today, we could watch most of the tournament uninterrupted.

Not the case anymore. We'll be away from a computer, TV and any source of Internet for much of the day, speculating who's sweating out a tough game, who's blowing someone out, and what Mid-Major is already getting fitted for that slipper.

But for everyone who will be near technology, welcome to the best day of the year!

Going to work? Good luck getting anything done. If you do more than five minutes of real, actual work, ask for that raise. If your boss catches you watching games on your computer, well, we'd go the route of reasoning with him. If your boss ain't cool with sneaking in eight hours of hoops coverage, he is an asshole and probably runs an Indonesian child porn ring on the side. If your asshole boss does catch you, try saying one of these things.

Or, as we talked about last week, DON'T GO TO FUCKING WORK! Today and tomorrow should probably be national holidays, but unfortunately we get Columbus Day instead. FUCK THAT!

Really, though. If you (and every other person in every other office in every other city) does 15 minutes of work today, the world won't fall apart. It will only get stronger.

Today is a day for people to bond. Make a new friend in the office. Learn more about your secretary who went to Villanova. Maybe even get tight with your cool boss who's a huge Michigan State fan.

Just soak it in. There's today and tomorrow and then we have to wait another full year -- a year full of doing actual work -- before enjoying the true Madness again. Be excited, root hard, and please don't let your team have a tragic fucking loss. That would really take the fun out of it. And today is supposed to be filled with fun.

Let's dance...


JMC said...

I really wish I could have taken the day off - too much to do these days. I'll be able to catch bits and pieces over the internet.

Jazzaholic17 said...

Go Dawgs!