Thursday, March 05, 2009

Derrick Ward: new Tampa Bay Buccaneer, former Thespian, possibly BFFs with Ross, Rachel and the gang from "Friends"

Ok, Ok, Derrick Ward was never an actor, but he was a production assistant at a Hollywood studio before getting a shot in the NFL. This was back in 2002 after dropping out of school (editor's note: The Big Picture brother is a p.a. and graduated from college with honors to become one. So much for that.). From the St. Petersburg Times:
He once worked on the set of the sitcom Friends. He also worked with screenwriter Dan Fogelman, whose credits include the animated movie Cars.
Guess "Friends" wasn't looking to cast an athletic black guy.

[Photo, clearly, from which has more grammatical errors than you could possibly imagine].

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GMoney said...

I think he was Gunther's stand-in.