Friday, March 06, 2009

Blind Résumé

It's March! Fuck yeah! Hoops, baseball, NFL Draft talk...we're exiting one of the worst stages of the sports year and entering one of the best. We're finally getting into college hoops and the bubble talks; it took about a month longer than normal. Who's gonna dance? Who are the last four out?! With Selection Sunday less than two weeks away, it's time to start using the phrases, "Bubble Watch," "Tournament Résumé" and "Auto Bids" on a daily basis. So for the next week plus, we'll be playing Blind Résumé. We'll present two bubble teams' résumés and your job is simple: In the comments, say which team deserves to get in and which one doesn't. (If you think both are in -- or out -- suggest who you think has the better profile). You might know who these teams are, but don't spoil it for the rest of us. Since this is one of those blind item things, check back at 3 p.m. Pacific each day as we'll post the true identities in the comments.

Team A:

Record: 20-10 (8-7 conference)
RPI: 51
Strength of schedule: 47
Against RPI Top 50: 4-4
Last 10: 6-4

Team B:

Record: 22-8 (8-7 conference)
RPI: 35
Strength of schedule: 48
Against RPI Top 50: 4-5
Last 10: 7-3


GM said...

I think they are both in. With a .500 record and almost .500 record against the top 50 I don't see either team missing the tourney this season. Maybe in years past but this years pool of teams is weak.

Rob said...

I think they should both be in. I agree with the pool being weaker then normal it opens things up for these teams. Is one of these Tennessee or one of those SEC schools.

JMC said...

agree that they could both be in. If I have to choose one I take team B based on very similar SOS and record against RPI top 50, but team B has the better RPI and overall record.

GMoney said...

Both in. I think that one of them may be Penn State.

HM said...

Initial comment - I LOVE "Blind Resume" as a game.

If you take a pen and paper and write in a 64 team field, you start seeing a pretty bleak picture -- I asked a friend "who has Wisconsin beaten?" Answer -- no one. But they get in.

Based upon that, I say both A and B get in, but this is really a case where you can't judge unless you know exactly who they beat and exactly who they played. If I have 4 wins against Duke, UNC, Kansas and Oklahoma and you have 4 wins against Minnesota, Wisconsin, Utah and New Mexico, I think I deserve to go and you don't.

In a blind review, I guess if they are tied for the last spot I default to the RPI rating.

Anonymous said...

hm makes a great point -- wins against rpi top 50 is important but there are some pretty crappy teams in the top 50. look where ok state is as we learned that they haven't beaten anyone.

both are in though. decent computer numbers, good enough record against the top 50 and 20 wins used to be a benchmark -- and with conference tourneys inflating win totals, both of these teams will probably end up with 21-23 wins, respectively.

tourney-worthy in my book.

and penn state? ohio state? one of them has gotta be in the boo-boo big 10.

adam said...

Both are in right now, but each would feel much better with a 9-7 conference record opposed to 8-8. Take care of business in the last regular-season game, and I think both are safe on Selection Sunday. Drop to 8-8 and they'll need a win or two in the conference tourney and still might be sweating a bit until they see their name called.

The Big Picture said...

Sorry for the late posting -- got held up at work.

Threw you guys for a bit of a loop with these.

Team A is Boston College
Team B is Texas A&M

B.C. looks pretty safe right now, and should get to 9-7 with Saturday's home game against Georgia Tech. A&M has a huge resume builder with a shot at Missouri this weekend. Win that and they're in. Lose and they might need two wins in the Big II Tourney.

We'll be back with more of these next week. Enjoy the weekend, knuckle heads.