Wednesday, March 18, 2009

This Michael Strahan to star in FOX sitcom rumor might have some legs

We told you last month that those high-paid creative execs at FOX might have outsmarted themselves again by trying to involve former Giants star Michael Strahan in a new sitcom.

Well, that rumor might be coming to life. Way to follow through with those bang-up ideas!
Former pro football player Michael Strahan, who now serves as a football analyst for "Fox NFL Sunday," is trying out his sitcom chops.

Strahan is set to star in the laffer pilot "Brothers" (working title), which Fox greenlit on Friday. Also set to star: Daryl "Chill" Mitchell ("Ed"). Ted Wass is attached to direct.

"Brothers" will star Strahan as a retired NFL player who returns to his hometown and starts working to reconnect with his family -- especially his brother (Mitchell), who is confined to a wheelchair following a car accident
Sounds like a homerun. (Touchdown?) It's bound to make it to at least a fifth episode.

[Variety via Ben Maller]


GMoney said...

Sounds like a homerun.

Sure it does as long as the baseball field has a wheelchair ramp.

JMC said...

it's stories like these that really make me think that our pilot could easily be made into a show. if we ever finished it.