Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A-Rod likes his women in lingerie

Nice little tidbit from Page Six about our little steroid-hip-surgery friend and his taste for lingerie and strippers, though the strippers don't directly have anything to do with this post.
Alex Rodriguez knows how to treat the various women in his life: "He's been going into Victoria's Secret for the last seven months and buying $1,000 gift cards, sometimes five or six at a time. He must be giving them out like candy."
But to who? Or is it whom? Either way.

A-Rod and Cynthia have been divorced since late September, meaning he's been buying some presents for other women since then. Madonna? That stripper friend of his? Jeter?

The way we read that quote, we infer that the "five or six at a time" line means he's got an entourage of pussy that he's covering up with the finest lace and cotton on the lingerie market.

[NY Post via Ben Maller]


Bazooka Jones said...

I think I know where A-Rod was really getting his roids from. Look at that chicks guns!

GMoney said...

Those gift cards were for Hank Steinbrenner.

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