Monday, March 09, 2009

Naked bike riding is good for the Earth

The World Naked Bike Ride kicked off this weekend in Australia and South Africa with many people taking off their clothes and riding bikes which sounds sort of like this porno we once saw that didn't involve bicycles.
Thousands of bike riders are shedding their clothes in the hopes that they can get us all to stop and think about the negative effects that cars (and the pollution they create) have on people and the planet.
The economy currently has many negative effects on the world, too, so to rectify that, Tuesday is go-to-work naked day. (Good day to work at Hooters, bad day to work at a boys-only Catholic school).

Naturally, the WNBR has a frequently asked questions page ranging from the practical, "Won't it hurt my genitals?" to the missing-the-point, "What should I wear?"

The WNBR is going on in the Southern Hemisphere right now but will be hitting New York and LA in mid June. Get your bicycles and genitals ready!


Bazooka Jones said...

My genitals are always ready.

But the FAQ is fucking great. I love the "What if I'm not conventionally attractive?" question.

GMoney said...

How does "riding a bike naked" create awareness of pollution???