Thursday, March 05, 2009

Does anyone want to play in the NCAA Tournament?!?!?!

Yesterday's Blind Résumé was the first time all year that we expressed our building excitement about college basketball. March is here! Conference tournaments have begun! What we weren't telling you though is that the explanation of that post was from last season (we, friends, executed the copy and paste command. We're such tricksters.), and didn't capture our true excitement about the season. 'Cause we're like mega psyched! The Huskies are in first place in the Pac-10! They're going to the tourney! They might land in Portland! We're like this much excited! Exclamation points!!!!!

But if you're fans of almost any bubble team who played yesterday, you shouldn't be. We're talking to you, Kentucky (who lost to GEORGIA AT HOME! If that doesn't scream "NIT," hard to say what does.) and you, Florida (who fell at feisty Mississippi State leaving the Gators on the wrong side of the bubble).

We're talking to you, Miami (we said in Blind Résumé yesterday if the 'Canes got to 8-8 they'd be an interesting discussion. Discuss no more after a loss at previously one-ACC win Georgia Tech), to you, Virginia Tech (who had a shot for a marquee win over Carolina, but couldn't get it) and you, Boston College (who had been in good shape, but a loss at N.C. State may have changed that).

Time to get your acts together, bubble teams. Excitement is waiting for you! EXCITEMENT!!!!


Bazooka Jones said...

Us Terp fans are part of the 'not too excited' class.

Gary has brought us to our annual position directly on the bubble.

GM said...

This year is terrible for picking a top 65 team field. There are NOT 65 teams out there worthy of the tournament this season.

Verb and I over at have been discussing our 65 teams for a couple weeks on the podcast and it is tough to get 65 teams that deserve to be in.

OpenSource.Net said...