Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Blind Résumé

It's March! Fuck yeah! Hoops, baseball, NFL Draft talk...we're exiting one of the worst stages of the sports year and entering one of the best. We're finally getting into college hoops and the bubble talks; it took about a month longer than normal. Who's gonna dance? Who are the last four out?! With Selection Sunday less than two weeks away, it's time to start using the phrases, "Bubble Watch," "Tournament Résumé" and "Auto Bids" on a daily basis. So for the next week plus, we'll be playing Blind Résumé. We'll present two bubble teams' résumés and your job is simple: In the comments, say which team deserves to get in and which one doesn't. (If you think both are in -- or out -- suggest who you think has the better profile). You might know who these teams are, but don't spoil it for the rest of us. Since this is one of those blind item things, check back at 3 p.m. Pacific each day as we'll post the true identities in the comments.

Team A:

Record: 16-10 (6-8 conference)
RPI: 44
Strength of schedule: 10
Against RPI Top 50: 4-7
Last 10: 4-6

Team B:

Record: 20-7 (9-5 conference)
RPI: 42
Strength of schedule: 83
Against RPI Top 50: 1-4
Last 10: 7-3

Play the part of a committee member in the comments. Who dances?


Anonymous said...

i think team a is from the acc or big east. maybe cincinatti or maryland

team b is a mid-major. unlv?

i'd go with team b. the losing conference record should be the death of team a

jazzaholic17 said...

Agree with anonymous above me.

SSReporters said...

I think I know Team B and they would definitely get in the tournament.

JMC said...

neither. If I have to choose I'll take B. 16 wins and a losing conference record? sorry.

GMoney said...

Both are out. Team A, how about winning some conference games? Team B, fucking schedule somebody.

101starter said...

It's team B, obviously.

HM said...

Neither deserves to get in.

The 16 win team can't win anything, and the other one has 1 lousy win versus the top 50 (which could be a win against #49 or 50).

If you plug in Michigan, their record versus top 50 teams might be mediocre, but when you add that they beat Duke and UCLA people start going "oh!"

adam said...

neither are in right now. Team A needs to get to 8-8 in the conference and make some noise in the conference tourney to get into the discussion.

I think Team B needs another win or two, but the strong conference record will get them in.

T.C. Hill said...

team a has to be from the acc to have an rpi and sos that high with that record (the big east plays too many conference games) and the team b could be from the big 10/sec both of which are weaker conferences. team b's rpi is too high to be a mid major with that record IMO

my guess is team a is maryland, vtech or miami and team b is tennessee, south carolina, auburn, minnesota or wisconsin

The Big Picture said...

nicely done, gents. Good first day of this. We'll keep it going everyday up until the tourney.

Team A is Miami
Team B is South Carolina

Miami should get to 8-8 in the ACC which will make for an interesting case. Migh have to win 1-2 in the ACC Tourney.

South Carolina's profile looks like a mid-major's. They're probably in, but their resume is real questionable.

T.C. Hill gets a cookie. Strong effort.

Anonymous said...

whats tc get a cookie for.....guessin 7 times?

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Miami and south California obviously ! it's a matter of common sense.

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