Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Robert Morris Colonials could also be called the Colonists or the Brits

There are a number of usages of the word "colonial" in college athletics: The George Washington Colonials, the Colonial Athletic Association, the Robert Morris Colonials.

No teams named the Colonists, though. And tickle us silly, Colonials and Colonists are the SAME FUCKING THING!

Also: Robert Morris was a Brit who financed the Revolutionary War, chaired the Pennsylvania Committee of Safety and signed his name on the country's most important documents. For his efforts, a university in Moon Township, Pa. (Moon Township?!? Really?!) was named after him.

So now you know a little more about Robert Morris. And knowledge is power!


Bazooka Jones said...

They might call it "Moon Township" but it's really just in Pittsburgh. One of my best friends graduated from there, so I was watching intently last night.

HM said...

Thanks to TBP for the edu-tainment.

The Big Picture said...

hold on. he's a brit but financed the revolutionary war (for the americans, right?) so he's probably a huge fucking traitor in britain.

Adam said...

Robert Morris is a man of many hats, including the one he's wearing in that photo.

JMC said...

well you could, in a way, consider that all colonists were, in essence, brits, at the time. And you know, there were probably a fair number that were born across the pond but were on our side of the revolution. They were ALL traitors!