Monday, March 02, 2009

Thumbs up to you, Coach

Louisville had knocked off Marquette before us West Coasters had got out of bed Sunday, keeping the Cards alive in the Big East championship discussion.

We thought it was funny that Marquette was wearing powder blue jerseys because the Golden Eagles have no powder blue anywhere in their unis. It would sort of be like the Yankees rocking the light blue pinstripes.

But Rick Pitino upstaged everyone, doing his best Colonel Sanders impersonation as a nod to the school's "white-out" of Freedom Hall.

Better have a good dry cleaners though. Don't want to get that bad boy dirty.


GMoney said...

I'm pretty sure that a suit like that comes with 5 slaves.

Anonymous said...

forget the slaves....i want the secret recipe for the fried chicken

HM said...

Hopefully he solved his underwear issue from last time he wore the suit: