Monday, March 02, 2009

Can everyone get off Matt Cassel's nuts?

What was New England thinking?! Great trade for KC! Chiefs get away highway robbery!

Seems like aside from cap issues, this was not a trade that will be well received by those in New England.

KC did get a solid veteran with Vrabel, fine. Good. The Chiefs could use some serious help on D. Losing the second-round pick ain't great, but you bring in two starters. Again, fine.

But while Cassel had a solid season (63.4 completion percentage, 21 TDs, 11 INTs, 89.4 rating in 15 starts) is he that much of an upgrade over Tyler Thigpen?

Thigpen's 1-10 record as a starter won't get him a Pro Bowl nod, but his stats weren't bad (54.8 completion percentage, 18 TDs, 12 INTs, 76.0 rating in 11 starts).

Keep in mind that Cassel was throwing to Randy Moss and Wes Welker. Thigpen had Tony Gonzalez and Dwayne Bowe.

Cassel was totally solid last season. Let's not take anything away from that. But this guy had zero starts from 2000-2007. Gotta love that experience.


GMoney said...

Matt Cassel = Derek Anderson

JMC said...

I head a compelling argument for why the Lions could and should have made a better offer - they could have offered a first rounder (and only for Cassel). Oh well.