Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Blind Résumé

It's March! Fuck yeah! Hoops, baseball, NFL Draft talk...we're exiting one of the worst stages of the sports year and entering one of the best. We're finally getting into college hoops and the bubble talks; it took about a month longer than normal. Who's gonna dance? Who are the last four out?! With Selection Sunday less than a week away, it's time to start using the phrases, "Bubble Watch," "Tournament Résumé" and "Auto Bids" on a daily basis. So all this week we'll be playing Blind Résumé. We'll present two bubble teams' résumés and your job is simple: In the comments, say which team deserves to get in and which one doesn't. (If you think both are in -- or out -- suggest who you think has the better profile). You might know who these teams are, but don't spoil it for the rest of us. Since this is one of those blind item things, check back at 3 p.m. Pacific each day as we'll post the true identities in the comments.

Team A:

Record: 19-12 (9-9 conference)
RPI: 52
Strength of schedule: 32
Against RPI Top 50: 5-8
Last 10: 6-4

Team B:

Record: 23-6 (11-5 conference)
RPI: 45
Strength of schedule: 145
Against RPI Top 50: 2-3
Last 10: 7-3


GM said...

It still comes down to WHO they actually beat. (I cheated so I know who the teams are)

And as of now I think both are out. Team A has to win a game or two in the conference tourney and Team B is in a bad place right now in my opinion.

Without looking at the teams I would have said that if either team should get in it would be Team A based on the numbers....but knowing the teams makes me say Team B has a better shot.

JMC said...

Team B has a lot of wins and sometimes that's all it takes, despite the ugly SOS and record against the top 50. Team A's resume doesn't look very strong at all.

GMoney said...

Team B is Davidson, right? And they are definitely OUT. Team A needs 1-2 more wins to feel good (providence?).

Anonymous said...

team a might still have a shot. look like a major conference team (big 10?, big 12?) and are two solid wins away from being in.

b, i'm pretty sure is st. mary's. cleveland state winning last night did not help that out one bit.

adam said...

Cleveland St. probably knocked out one of these teams last night.

I think Team A is in good shape if they can win one game in their conference tourney. Lose and they're hoping the bubble gets weaker and their 5 top-50 wins carry some weight.

Team B is going to get passed this week in the pecking order as major-conference teams win games in their tourneys. Team B is in serious trouble.

HM said...

Team A I would guess is Ohio State. I say they are in.

Team B -- 145th Schedule? That is REALLY hard to do (can't be Davidson, they played Duke and OK). Best guess I have seen on that is St. Mary's -- I think they are out.

ben said...

Team B doesn't exist. There is no team that has an 11-5 conference record and is 23-6 overall...

The Big Picture said...

Nice work today, though we threw you for a loop with Team A.

Team A is Arizona
Team B is St. Mary's

'Zona's in with a win over Arizona St. in the Pac-10 quaters tomorrow. Lose and they're gonna need some help. But there's a lot more to their resume (wins over UW, Kansas, UCLA, Gonzaga) than many other bubblers.

St. Mary's might be the most-discussed team leading up to the unveiling of the bracket. This is a team that was a lock until their star, Patty Mills, got hurt, then was pedestrian without him. They then get him back which would allow the committee to toss out the non-Mills games.

At this point, all the Gaels really had to do was make it to the WCC final and be competitive against Gonzaga. But they got absolutely bombed and Mills was awful. That performance begs the committee to leave them out, and ultimately, we think they will.