Monday, January 19, 2009


Brian, AKA The Cavalier who used to run the incredibly wonderful YAYsports!NBA, started up a new blog that may or may not be about airplanes, but probably about baked potatoes. It's called Brian's Thoughts About Airplanes, so I think it might be about airplanes, but probably not, but maybe. Again, maybe potatoes.

Anyway, he asked us three amusing questions that we answered here. Go leave a comment and welcome Brian back to the blogosphere.

Elsewhere, we went to go click some links on our blog Friday to make money for us that we could spend money on drugs, hookers and hookers with drugs. (Please go click those. They're below the top banner ad on the right sidebar. Each click gives us actual money that we spend on drugs and hookers and hookers with drugs.)

But when we go to the URL, The Big Picture is now blocked at Oakland public schools. We think it's because it's classified as a "personal page" and not because we say fuck every three words and often show pictures of women with unnatural bodies. Still, fuck. Now we have to actually work. Bullshit.

If you're blocked at work, too, quit. If you can't read us at work, that job isn't for you.

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GMoney said...

The day that I can't stop by here at work, you have my word that I will walk out and burn the place down a la Milton in Office Space. I will be rambling incoherently about my stapler AKA TBP.