Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Morning Headlines: Fiesta Bowl

Most mornings, we'll lead off the day with some AM headlines -- but not your traditional ones. Rather we'll focus on one game or story and write headlines that are completely inconsequential and insignificant to the outcome of the game. We'll give a few examples and then you'll play in the comments. Best headline (read: the one that makes us laugh the hardest) will get a shoutout in this space the next day. We'll provide the box score for the game as that can lend itself to plenty of content. Let's have some fun. The more insignificant, the better!

[Texas-Ohio State box score].

-Where the party at? Texas runs all over Ohio State in Fiesta Bowl win

-Mack: 'Ogbonnaya is a difference-maker'

-Boeckman ends career on high note

Bring it in the comments.


rstiles said...

OSU seniors finish with 1 bowl win

Anonymous said...

OSU has best showing for the Big Ten during bowl season in their 3-point loss to Texas

Bokolis said...

Cardinals' stadium turf in good condition after second game in three days.

GMoney said...

Sweater vest sales continue to plummet after OSU defeat

JMC said...

-OSU star rusher Beanie Wells over 100 yards in loss

-Big Ten almost wins 2nd bowl game of the season as OSU nipped by Texas

-Freshman QB Pryor shows big potential in Fiesta Bowl loss

-Boise State: We could have lost to Texas too!

-Failed 2 PT conversions doom Buckeyes.

-Fox broadcast only blemish on spectacular Fiesta Bowl

JMC said...

-Texas tops OSU in Fiesta Bowl, Rays sign Burrell

Anonymous said...

Lauranitis's "career game" keys monster 3rd quarter

Anonymous said...

"Fox's band shots push me into going out drinking instead of watching game; apparently Texas wins"

"Reporter gets blitzed; handles it better than Buckeyes"