Friday, January 09, 2009

Rumor: Seattle P-I for sale, could close

Scary news for anyone still -- we jumped ship a few months ago -- in the newspaper industry. Seattle's NBC affiliate, KING 5, reported Thursday that the Seattle P-I, the state's second largest paper behind The Seattle Times, is up for sale and could likely close.
KING/5 reported at 5 p.m. that "a source close to the deal" said The Hearst Corp., owner of the Seattle P-I, would announce as soon as Friday that it's putting the P-I up for sale.

The report, which also appeared on the station's Web site, added, "We're told Hearst does not expect another buyer to step forward and that Seattle will likely become a one-newspaper town within the next few months."

The P-I's sport section is pretty good and those writers could be out of work in the coming weeks. Will they look for a job at The Times? Go online? Start a sports blog?


Bokolis said...

I refuse to carry umbrellas (they're for braods and tourists), so newspapers come in handy on a rainy morning.

And, if you're cleaning mirrors, newspaper makes the best wipe.

GMoney said...

Zach, did you know this was coming? Because if you did, I'm reporting you to the Feds for some insider trading or whatever else it is that successful business people get in trouble for. Boobs.

JMC said...

your blog is ruining MSM. You should feel really guilty about this.

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