Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tampa to host Super Bowl, thousands with blue balls

Don't know much about Tampa. Thought of it like a poor man's Miami, with nearly as many old people. But our uneducated opinions of the city are quickly changing with this article:
There are, by one count, 43 strip clubs in the Tampa metropolitan area -- one for each Super Bowl. And the week of Super Bowl XLIII is to Tampa's naughty nightlife what Black Friday is to America's shopping malls.
That's awesome! Why bother with the game?

And why drive? You could call Joey about the party bus that'll tour many of the gentleman's clubs! Make sure to bring cash...ya know, for drinks.


Anonymous said...

count me in!

GMoney said...

Love the comparison of Super Bowl 43 and the 43 strip clubs...it's like it was destiny!

Bokolis said...

Tampa is definitely not a poor man's Miami...totally different vibe and much more wide open.

Ybor City, dude.

The ripple effect of the strip clubs is the higher slut meter of the local birds.

HM said...

You want a party bus? That is not a Tampa party bus.

THIS: http://www.usatoday.com/sports/football/nfl/2005-11-29-mobile-strip-club_x.htm

was a true Tampa party bus.

JMC said...

zach this is making me really crave a trip to the strips. Maybe we should do our own on Saturday night pre-super bowl.

What do we tell the girls?

The Big Picture said...

j, we tell the girls we're going to a museum -- ya know, to look at works of art.

Anonymous said...

Mons Venus is the real deal but there is one outside of Tampa called Deja Vu that has killer specialty private rooms. So if you ever wanted to try out the sexy doctor exam fantasy, that's the place for you. Have fun.

Blogger said...

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