Thursday, January 15, 2009

Lions officials: 'Oh fuck. Now what?'

DETROIT -- After news broke that Heisman trophy winner, Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford, would remain at school for his junior season, team officials entered panic mode at Lions headquarters.

"To finish 0-16 and now this...," said Lions General Manager Martin Mayhew from his Allen Park office, "it's like we're being kicked when we're down."

Bradford, who threw for a fuck-ton of yards and touchdowns leading the Sooners to the BCS National Championship game, was projected to be a first-round and likely No. 1 overall pick in April's NFL Draft.

"We'll have to explore other options," Mayhew said. "Anything's possible."

"It's disappointing," added Lions WR Calvin Johnson. "If I have to go through another season with Orlovsky, I'm going to fucking shoot myself."

Many mock drafts have the Lions selecting Georgia hurler Matthew Stafford, who is tall and can throw the ball far. Stafford's accuracy, leadership and inability to win the big game have made some skeptical. But Lions officials seem to love that Stafford can throw the ball far.

"He can throw the ball far," said Mayhew.

On the same day that Bradford decided to return to school, sources said that USC quarterback Mark Sanchez plans to enter the draft.

When asked about the possibility of taking Sanchez with the top pick, Mayhew said, "Maybe."

Tom Lewand was named the Lions' new team president after Detroit parted ways with Matt Millen.

"I love Michael Crabtree," said Lewand of the Texas Tech receiver. "Jeremy Maclin is also special. But I think our focus should probably, maybe be elsewhere."

Many think it would be in the team's best interest to draft an anchor on the offensive line or trade down in the draft to stockpile picks and rebuild organically.

But Mayhew would only confirm the obvious:

"We're fucked," he said. "We felt good about Bradford. Would he have been the right fit? Who knows? Our options certainly looked better last week. A face of the organization is a must. Can that be Stafford? We'll see. If not, there's always 2010."


JMC said...

let's not forget that they don't even have a head coach yet!

Billy The Kid said...

Lions got The Schwartz.;_ylt=AvpBmBlwIi05cVFhS8TY6J85nYcB?slug=ap-lions-schwartz&prov=ap&type=lgns