Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hey, at least Dad cares

Maybe Dad isn't going to all the games, helping with homework or paying child support. But, damn, he's sure willing to break the law to help his son get better at sports by giving him the juice.
GILBERTVILLE, Iowa (AP) -- A Mason City man, Todd Gerleman, has been arrested for giving his teenage son anabolic steroids to motivate him about sports.

Authorities say the investigation began after Gerleman's 14-year-old son assaulted his mother at her Gilbertville home on Nov. 19. Officers who responded to the home found a syringe and 105 pills in the boy's bedroom.
See. It's not like steroids have negative side affects such as aggression, liver damage and smaller testicles.

But, hey, thanks Dad. All we ever got was good advice, financial support and loving care.


rstiles said...

I wish my dad did that for me...all he ever did was take me to sporting events...

Bokolis said...

Considering their last name, I suspect the dad and son heard "girlie-man" one too many times.

If the dad's no longer with the mom, the son lumping up his old lady isn't the worst side-effect in the world. I used to work with a guy that totally fits that profile.

GMoney said...

Any person named Todd should be shot anyway. I'm looking at you, Todd Jones.

The Beautiful Game said...

on the juice!