Thursday, January 29, 2009

Super Bowl rings recovered

It's a true Super Bowl Week miracle. The New York Giants Super Bowl rings were lost, and now they are found. Everyone rejoice!
LYNN, Mass. (AP)—Authorities say they have found 27 New York Giants Super Bowl rings, valued at more than $170,000, stolen last June from a Massachusetts jewelry manufacturer. The Essex District Attorney’s office said investigators found the rings Tuesday in a bank safe deposit box in Saugus.
Really, really great news. Don't know if the world would have been able to go on. But the timeliness is a blessing. Just in time for this year's big game! People will be able to breath a little easier Sunday.

As for the culprits, well, they should probably hang, right? Or be tarred and feathered? If the Grinch was behind this...

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