Monday, January 05, 2009

Can defense lead Baltimore to the Super Bowl? Again.

Unwatchable offense, but damn is that Ravens defense fun. Swarming, hard-hitting and brutal. And those all-black jerseys are so tight.

If there's any team that can rely on its defense to make a big play(s) and overcome for a below-average offense, it's the Baltimore Ravens.

We've heard this before, right? Like during the 2000 season. The Ravens rode that stellar defense to a Super Bowl title.

And this season's defense is nearly as strong. A comparison, if you will:

2000 Ravens (20 games)

Average points per game allowed: 8.25
Shutouts: 4
Forced turnovers: 50
Defensive TDs: 2
Sacks: 35

2008 Ravens (17 games)

Average points per game allowed: 13.8
Shutouts: 0
Forced turnovers: 39
Defensive TDs: 7
Sacks: 34

With the NFL playoffs seemingly more wide open than they've been in years, can Baltimore make it back to the Super Bowl? A Super Bowl, which, coincidentally, is in Tampa -- site of the Ravens' last win. Over the Giants.

Ravens? Giants? Super Bowl?


Martin said...

Ravens? Giants? Super Bowl?

No and No

Titans vs. Panthers in Tampa....

Titans vs. Ravens is gonna be a war, like it always is. Could go either way. Still have bitter memories of the 2000 playoff defeat, and Ray Lewis stripping Eddie George of his manhood (and the ball...) If we get by the Ravens though, we'll be in Tampa.

Go Titans!!

GMoney said...

Fuck you, TBP. If I wanted statistical breakdowns and thoughtful analysis, I would read Peter King. I want tits and poop stories.

Mr. Ace said...

Fuck you, G$. If I wanted tits and poop stories I would read a blog about Jessica Simpson and the Redskins.

The Big Picture said...

ha gmoney! see today's other posts for that!

Udo D. said...

Can defense lead Baltimore to the Super Bowl?


Even if they get by Tennessee, Pittsburgh will maul them.

Anonymous said...

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