Monday, January 05, 2009

The Chargers Girls would be more successful at Centerfolds

Best part about the Chargers-Colts game Saturday?

Certainly not the game. Manning goes out in the first round again. Sproles to the rescue. Norv Turner somehow does something right. Blah, blah, blah.

But we loved the gratuitous cheerleader shots!

Those cheerleaders...holy cow! Is each one a DD? Many have the fakies! We love the fakies! They'd look so much better with a dollar bill between that cleavage, though.

Our pals at Busted Coverage did the dirty work, grabbing screen shots from NBC's telecast. And you can check out the Charger Girls homepage here.

If Darren Sproles resigns with San Diego, he better have "access" to the girls in his contract. We'd go with Marlina. YOWZERS!

Her bio says she loves animals. We have a chicken that needs choking.


rstiles said...

I noticed that too...the Chargers must have got some deal with some plastic surgeon to blow up all those broads chests...

Anonymous said...

that was wonderful. the cameraman showed the same girl like 3 times in a row at one point.

GMoney said...

Nice job squeezing in a chicken choking reference. Tits!