Monday, January 05, 2009

Darren Sproles will be a first-round fantasy back next season...but where?

After years in the shadows, Darren Sproles -- all 5-foot-6 of him (he's shorter than us, FYI. And slower. We run faster than light. We also once won a race of little-to-no significance.) -- stepped into the limelight in San Diego's OT win over Indy Saturday.

Question now: where will the free agent end up? The San Diego Union-Tribune's Tim Sullivan says the Chargers better re-sign him. But will San Diego spend what should be pretty big money for LT's backup?

Other possibilities?

Detroit could use help, well, everywhere. How many good years does Portis have left in Washington? Tampa's backs have been injury plagued of late. Seattle was unable to find an adequate replacement for Shaun Alexander. Denver? Cleveland? Cincy?

Unless he ends up back in San Diego, which would be a shame for fantasy football players, Sproles has gotta be an early pick in drafts next season, right? Look what Michael Turner did this season as the featured back in Atlanta. No reason to think Sproles wouldn't do the same.

And he's so small and cute. You could just scoop him up and take him home in your purse.


GMoney said...

He's too small to be a feature back. He will always be a change-of-pace guy. As a Redskins fan, I would LOVE having him return kicks and spelling Portis.

Anonymous said...

Spelling Portis...I didn't know that Darren Sproles was a spelling bee champion on top of his football skills. This guy is the total package.

Sherrerebcp said...

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