Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hot Dog. Four dollars. Beer. Six dollars. Tickets to a Dodgers Spring Training game?

We're regulars in Arizona for Cactus League action in the spring. Have been for years. We have the routine down -- restaurants to go to, ballparks to see and knowledge of the hotspots in the desert.

So when the Dodgers move from Dodgertown in Vero Beach, Fla. to Arizona for Spring Training next month, catching a game at the new stadium is a must because, hey, ballparks are our favorite kind of museum.

While you can see a game in Peoria (Mariners, Padres) or Surprise (Rangers, Royals) and sit in the best seats in the quaint parks for about $30, a ticket at the Dodgers' new Glendale stadium will cost you a pretty penny.
After announcing the team's spring-training schedule the Dodgers also announced the top ticket for spring training was $125 for a premium (i.e., weekend) game. Almost 700 seats for every game will be sold at that price.
We opted for the seats in the $40-$50 range. That's about, oh, 30 bucks too much for a game full of minor leaguers anyway. So for $125? Yikes!



Anonymous said...

ugh, not baseball again, god damn that sport fuckin sucks, even soccer is better

baseball is dying, only old dying white folk and small-dicked jews like it

GMoney said...

You should feel proud to contribute to the fund that pays Jason Schmidt for doing nothing.

Bokolis said...

Does that also get you 10 minutes with an ASU cheerleader? It doesn't cost that much to go to Dodger Stadium.

That money will also go towards fudging Schmidt's and A.Jones' roid test results, in the hopes of voiding their contracts...actually, check that. That money was already in the budget.

The 'zoners pack 'em in for the Cactus league as it is. The Dodgers knew that people would be falling over each other once they made it out there. I'm surprised they didn't bust out the PSLs.

THN said...

I didn't realize that you have to pay for tickets at spring training games. What a rip. Hang out at the bars long enough and you will eventually get in for free.