Sunday, March 05, 2006

Hating Fox Sports Net, Part 1: Basketball coverage

Usually we don't have much of a problem with FSN. During the basketball season, we get lots of coverage of our Washington Huskies and during the summer, it's Kruk and Kuip calling Giants' games five days a week or so.

But yesterday, while watching the Dawgs play Arizona, the coverage was absolutely awful. In the first half, the camera wouldn't follow the ball, so you'd see a shot go up and couldn't tell what happened next. Strange.

Then, with the Dawgs up 3 and U of A with the ball and 9.9 seconds, the TV turns the same color of that image above. We ran and checked the radio to find out that the Dawgs prevailed like the mighty men in purple they are, but if radio wasn't invented, we may never have known that the Huskies had won.

Nice going FSN.

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Jeff said...

Haha, I've got to agree with you there. Do you guys have a station called JP Sports out there? They may even be worse than FSN. Which isn't an easy task.