Thursday, March 02, 2006

Bonds to star in own show (no, not Giants Idol)

ESPN is just getting desperate. Desperate for what, we're not sure.

Ratings? Nah.

An MTV-generation audience? Eh, maybe.

Mind blowing entertainment? Well, maybe something else that blows.

ESPN 2 will have a show, titled "Bonds on Bonds," that will offer a weekly behind-the-scenes look at Bonds and the San Francisco Giants throughout the season. Bonds, who turns 42 in July, enters 2006 with 708 homers, seven shy of passing Babe Ruth and 48 from breaking Aaron's mark.

So this whole Giants Idol crap that Bonds has pulled the last few days may be the man trying to plug his new show. But we think the only kind of plugs Barry is into are butt plugs; not TV plugs.

We're still convinced that Barry was either trying to lighten the mood in a normally conservative clubhouse or that this was just the result of Barry mixing opium and crystal meth. Likely the latter.

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