Monday, March 13, 2006

It's time to start betting

Selection Sunday has come and gone and now the only thing that's important in the world is studying the bracket.

Our bracket is by no means filled out, because we figure we could pick the games based on the cooler sounding mascot and we may win our pool -- it's that wide-open this year. (By the way, if you pick the Great Danes of Albany -- hands down our favorite mascot -- you'd be better off spending the extra five bucks on a "tip" at an Oriental massage parlor.

We'll get to our well-thought out picks in just a bit, but first some analysis on the brackets.

-The four #1 seeds have been set since mid-February, so no surprise there.

-We think Tennessee getting a #2 has to be a direct result of Bruce Pearl and his orange blazer. That's absolutely no other explanation because their record and late-season performance would merit more like a four-seed. (Florida, winning the SEC tourney, probably would've been a better fit).

-Absolutely no gripes around these parts about Gonzaga getting a #3. If they need overtime and a missed layup to win the WCC tournament (at home!), they don't deserve more than a six in our opinion. (We will strongly root against them because we don't like child molesters or spanish porn stars).

-George Washington definitely got screwed. They have two losses and are now shown respect with an eight seed?! Looks like the ride is over for the Colonials. But we just love Pops Mensah-Bonsu. His name is fucking Pops!

-The Washington D.C. region is unbelievable! First, it's home to our fifth-seeded Washington Huskies, and second, this region includes four National Champions from the last 10 years! Watch out for Michigan State in this one.

-We're pretty much okay with the last few teams who grabbed at-larges. Utah State and Texas A&M are solid. But George Mason lost twice to Hofstra in the last few weeks, and it's the Pride that got relegated to the NIT. And Air Force took a coveted spot from Cincinnati from the daunting Big East or Missouri State from the MVC. Um, ok.

-So who do we endorse? Well, we like Iona (Gaels) from Atlanta, Alabama (Crimson Tide) from Oakland, Albany (Great Danes) from D.C., and Wisconsin (Badgers) from Minneapolis.

Remember we pick winners based on team names alone, nothing else. We hate money, by the way. (Real picks to come later. Hint: Albany will not beat UConn).

In other news: After signing with the Cardinals, running back Edgerrin James told sources, "Fuck, I thought they were in St. Louis."

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insomniac said...

Are you getting tickets for the games in San Diego?

If you aren't planning on either going to the game or buying some and ebaying them, let me know and I'll gladly buy your allotment from you. I want to go, but can't shell out $300 per...