Friday, March 10, 2006

Broken bubbles (among other things)

Yesterday was a wild, wild day in college basketball that went very poorly for us Seattle folk. We're actually shocked we got a post up because all we could really do is break shit. (The computer, wisely, stayed intact...but we'll have a burial service for a chair, two cups and the coffee table leg tomorrow).

The biggest thing that happened bubble-wise Thursday was that George Washington was upset by Temple in the A-10 tournament. GW is a lock being 26-2 and all, but the A-10 was looking at just one bid. They'll now get a second with the winner of that tourney.

This is bad news for, say, Michigan who's lost 7 of 9, Seton Hall, Cincinnati and pretty much any Missouri Valley Conference team other than Southern Illinois (which has the auto-bid). There's now one less spot for a team trying to dance via the elusive at-large bid.

If I were a coach or player for a bubble team, I'd start baking cookies (and maybe some "special" brownies -- wait, make that shit "extra special") for the selection committee.

Or, as the Mighty MJD points out, send a cheerleader with some kneepads and that'd do the trick.

In other news: Like we're in the mood for a joke. Please help us mourn the Washington Huskies (who are now looking at a 6-8 seed and probably an early exit based on their performance last night) and our chair, cups and coffee table. They'll be missed.


insomniac said...

I think Wash is looking at around a #5 seed. Of course, there's always a #12 that knocks off a #5 each year, so maybe that isn't much consolation. I missed most of the 2nd half, so I didn't see how Oregon rallied back to beat Washington. I actually thought it was an error when I saw the headline on Sportsline.

At least the Huskies will be well-rested for the tourney.

JMC said...

I'm actually pretty glad I didn't watch that game - and after the results I pretty much knew I wouldn't be meeting you at Tommy's