Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Readers can be so funny

We received this email late last night and thought it was just too darn funny not to share. It's nowhere near sports-related, but you could say it's out of left field.

"I was recently discussing the theory of sushi and realized that I have no idea what 'sea urchin' is. More curiously, however, the prefix 'sea' would imply that there is also a 'land' urchin — something that sounds pretty savage, but low in protein and vitamins. Since we all know that there is no land urchin (much like there is no fossil evidence of dinosaurs, minotaurs and saber-tooth tigers) why is it called a 'sea' urchin opposed to, say, just an 'urchin?' I mean they call it a 'sea horse' because there is a 'land' horse -- more commonly referred to as Seattle Slew."


Who knew a race horse could be so comical?

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