Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Play the lottery (the NBA one, silly) is back again with their simulated NBA lottery and mock draft. It's really a cool feature. You press a button and, voila!, you have a scenario. Press it again and a new set of teams appear, with a new mock draft.

This thing, while simply clicking the mouse, has kept us entertained for hours! It appears that there are three guys who could go number one. Those fellas are Gonzaga's Adam Morrison (who, we've decided, may be the ugliest motherfucker to ever fuck his mother), UConn's Rudy Gay (who, based solely on his name, may have nailed Morrison a few times in an empty gym) and Texas' LaMarcus Aldridge (who, we hear anyway, is tall. Go figure).

There's certainly no clear-cut number one this year, and overall, it's a pretty weak draft with no high school players and the Euro trash being from, well, Europe. But draft time is the only time that we are remotely interested in the NBA, so hats off to ESPN for getting us somewhat excited.

This post was brought to you by Adam Morrison's mustache: giving out mustache rides to all those who dare.

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